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2022-07-01 19:02Baseball bat making
Summary: Baseball hero Da Ye and Xiao Nan's kissing scene in that episodeIn Episode 16, Da also lost because of boxing, and Xiao Nan gave him a kiss of encouragement. In episode 42, Xiao Nan told Da that if
Baseball heBaseball Xiaonanro Da Ye and Xiao Nan's kissing scene in that episode
In Episode 16, Da also lost because of boxing, and Xiao Nan gave him a kiss of encouragement. In episode 42, Xiao Nan told Da that if he met a girl better than her, don't wait for her. He hugged DA and kissed him. In addition, in episode 101, after Da also entered Jiaziyuan and confessed to Xiao Nan, the two hugged and kissed on the beach, and the rest was the theater UniversityDid the baseball heroes finally get together
The ending of TV version is different from that of cartoon. In the TV Version, just joada called Xiao Nan to confess. In the cartoon, Da Ye met last year's champion in their first game (the dead fat man drew a good lot). On the train to Jiaziyuan, Da also met a singer. The girl liked him very muchWhy does the baseball hero Zhong Xiaonan like Da Ye
Da is also different. As a brother, he gives way to his brother everywhere, especially in dealing with Xiao nanshang. He is very talented, but seeing his brother working hard, he can't bear to compete with him. After entering high school, he gave up his favorite baseball club because he wanted to complete the baseball manager Xiao Nan and his brother. "Sloppy, lazy, not loving
Did the baseball hero Xiao Nan and Da also end up together
This is the end of the TV version "College" baseball heroes TV special - after that, you touch TV special - miss lonely yesterday, the original andachong time passed quickly, and it has been five years since he died. Today, DA and Xiao Nan have been admitted to different universities respectivelyIn baseball heroes, does Xiao Nan like his brother Daye or his brother Heye
Xiao Nan has always liked Daya, but he didn't make it clear at the beginning. Da was not as good as his brother at first, anBaseball Xiaonand he didn't have confidence in himself, but in fact, Xiao Nan always liked him. Later, he told Ye Si that Xiao Nan had always been optimistic about Da Ye's strength
Did the baseball heroes Xiao Nan and da da finally get together
Together, Da also confessed to Xiao Nan by phone after finally winninBaseball Xiaonang the championship of Jiaziyuan, saying: Da can't live without Xiao Nan, and Da also likes Xiao Nan. Then Xiao Nan laughed and ran to Daye. The TV animation "baseball heroes" is adapted from the cartoon work of the same name created by Japanese cartoonist andachongWhat is another dream of the baseball hero Zhong Xiaonan
This is easy to Baseball Xiaonanunderstand. Of course, she is the bride of Daye, because Xiaonan wants Daye to help her realize her dreamJapanese anime baseball boy heroine what's her name
ASAKURA height: 159cm< Senior 2 > In school, Xiao Nan, who is outstanding in appearance, gentle and considerate, excellent in character and learning, is the most popular girl. Almost all people think that she and he are "the best match". But in fact, what Xiao Nan really likes is his brother Daye. After entering high school, he was the manager of the baseball team. AndWhy does Xiao Nan object to Da playing baseball when the second part of baseball heroes begins
In fact, this is an impulse for her to miss Heye. In fact, you know, Xiao Nan can't have no feeling for Heye at all. Da also joined the baseball team, which means that Heye will also become the past and even be forgotten by others. And Xiao Nan said that DA can't replace Heye, which is also reasonableI really want to see the ending of baseball hero DA and Xiao Nan's marriage
Xiao Nan seems to outsiders to be a very perfect person, doing everything very well. No matter studying sports art, he is so enthusiastic and kind to others. Under the constant praise of outsiders, even Xiaonan himself doubts whether he is really so perfect. But in Da Ye's view, Xiao Nan is not perfect
Baseball Xiaonan

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