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2022-06-30 05:40Baseball bat price
Summary: What data did he have when he became famous in the western decisive battle in 2012Fans all know that harden is the best shooting guard in the league today. He has a strong ability to score points. He
What data did he have when he became famous in the western decisive battle in 2012
Fans all know that harden is the best shooting guard in the league today. He has a strong ability to score points. He has won the top score for three consecutive years, even Zhan Du is not as good as him. However, harden is not a top player. When he first entered the league, harden also played as a substitute for several years. At that time, no one expected him to become a superstarWhy does harden's dribbling look simple, but his passing efficiency is very high
The Lakers have no core sense of existence, can not organize effective offense and defense, and can not resist the red team's attack. The final score was 97-113, and the Lakers lost to the red team. James truce the Lakers lost 97-113 to the red team, and harden scored 39 points. Why is it so simple for him to surpass others? James missed the game and watched the ball off the courtWhy does harden dribble look so simple, but so easy to pass
As the saying goes, Hadden's dribble doesn't look gorgeous, but there are many small details that let him pass many defenders with the most single continuous crotch. Harden's three-point retreat is very accurate, so most of the defenders will defend slightly forward. Most of the NBA players have a pair of long armsAmerican media have aired a video of harden nightclub. What questions has this video aroused from the fans
Harden, who revels in the nightclHarden watches baseballub, looks very happy. His whole state is relatively online, and he is dancing with the music. Many fans also have some doubts about this video, because many fans think that this video was shot a few years ago, because harden in the video is wearing a black T-shirtHow to evaluate jamesharden's style of playing
Attack: jamesharden is strong, flexible and good at breaking through. HiHarden watches baseballs flying height is not high enough to affect his vision. He likes to use backward jump shot instead of backward. Defense: harden can do a good job in ball defense when he is concentrating, and is good at grabbing the ball in the process of opponents' breakthroughWhat are some little-known stories about harden
During the thunder period, harden was asked by the coach whether he was willing to start, but harden refused. He thought thHarden watches baseballat he would make the team's chemical reaction better on the bench. He didn't mind playing on the bench. In harden's opinion, he would always play on the bench in the thunder, forever, forever, forever, foreverWhat do you think is the reason why harden has so many fans
First of all, even though there are many experts in the NBA, it is true that harden is not the top player in the NBA, but his strength is really strong. His scoring efficiency and ability to create fouls are also strong, which is unimaginable. Even James has been fouled several times, so you can see a problemHarden once had eye defense. Why did he choose to do so
Generally, harden only watches the ball, not the people. His defenders can move freely. As a good point guard like Nash, it's natural for people to take the ball. Analysis of harden's unique skill "eye protection": there is a defense called "watching you silently"! As we all know, harden's position in the Jianghu has been difficult to be universally recognizedWho is the strongest scorer in the league? What is the basis
At this time, Jordan, who was defeated by one man, seemed to lose his enthusiasm for basketball and chose to retire to pursue his favorite baseball. It turned out that he only belonged to basketball in his life. After a year in baseball, he returned to the NBA stadium again. For a long time, due to the lack of systematic trainingHarden, 30, scored 20723 points. What about Durant and Jordan
Harden, 30, scored 20723 poinHarden watches baseballts. What about Durant and Jordan? Today, James Harden has become the No. 1 shooting guard in the league in active service. His scoring ability is already the first-line scoring ability in the NBA. Because of his existence, the Rockets have become a team with the ability to compete for the championship
Harden watches baseball

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