Meet Mindee Thyrring, the Mastermind Behind PostModernLaundry

Relationships and client management are at the heart of working with any size business. Design is a creative process but it is also a business tool. I see myself as a conduit for my clients, a tool to help them creatively express their visual needs in a way that they are not able to do so for themselves.

My spacial awareness is astounding. And not just when playing Tetris or loading a moving van. I see how projects and people need to fit together. I am an enabler and a point of connection. My worth is reflected through my network and my ability to connect and leverage people for everyone's well-being.

I have worked with companies of all sizes ranging from Apple and Pottery Barn, to a just-starting-out sole proprietorship. I have produced multi-day photoshoots with budgets in excess of half a million dollars. I shoot. I am a stylist. I am a designer. I am a consultant. I do what needs to be done to ensure that my clients' vision becomes a reality.

If I commit 20 minutes of time to learning about your business goals and needs, would you be willing to contact us to learn more about how we could be a stellar fit for one another?


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