Client Case Study
DPH Decision Science

DPH Decision Science is a consulting firm that specializes in data science, machine learning, and data engineering. The team of seasoned professionals has experience in many industries, from logistics to finance to retail. DPH delivers more than just slides. At the end of an engagement, clients have not only an executive summary of the analysis, but operational software that can used to put that analysis to work inside the organization.

Executive Summary
DPH Decision Science is a newly founded data science and machine learning consultancy in need of brand identity, brand guidelines, print collateral, web design and headshots, all executed in a manner that not only communicates their level of professionalism and experience, but also stands out from the crowd.

DPH Logo Stacked Primary@2x.png


There are many consulting firms in existence, and the market niche for firms focusing on data science and machine learning is growing.  Being based in San Francisco, DPH Decision Science has a unique challenge to stand out amongst the crowd of hundreds firms and startups that all purport to be offering the same solution to data and analytics.


The Solution

Creating a logo that visually communicated the mission of this firm, without being generic or cliché helps DPH Decision Science to be both recognizable/familiar as well as unique enough to be remembered and stand out from the crowd. Keeping the visual vernacular of this brand consistent with that of the market and other leading competitors, while being unique enough to stand out, was the metric of success for the logo portion of this project.

The goal of the website design was to reflect the stylistic details of the logo and identity of the firm, while still being clear and simple for anyone visiting the site to navigate and understand, both in mobile or desktop formats.

Developing the visual language of this brand came through creation of brand standards as well as creation of templates for printed collateral. 

Professional headshots were also included in this branding project and were executed to showcase the individual personalities of each partner while still feeling cohesive enough to blend into the design of the site and other materials. 

DPH Logo Horizontal Secondary@3x.png

How the services of PostModernLaundry Helped

Having a well-executed brand identity and set of guidelines is the foundation to promoting and growing any business.  DPH Decision Science understands the importance of polish and detail and saw that this investment into their company and brand as a necessary step to communicate to their clients their level of professionalism and expertise.