Big design for small businesses.

What to Expect

Good design is more than making something look pretty. It is an investment into your company’s identity and public perception - it’s brand. Good design is about targeted strategy, executed in a memorable and meaningful way.

Working with a designer for your first time can be daunting. Even for those who have worked with designers in the past, working with a new designer can be mentally challenging to think about. It is a very important relationship, cultivated over time, nurtured with care and experience, one that needs to work for both people involved.

We like to think of this process being quite similar to finding a mate.

First Date - Getting to Know You

Often, like a first date, we will arrange a meeting over coffee or on the phone to get to know each other - your project needs, your business, and most importantly YOU! Going through a series of new client questions, I will get to know your business, it’s strengths, it’s mission and what the competitive landscape looks like. Together we discuss the scope of your project, mid-term and long-term business goals, and other projects down the line that could aid in accomplishing your goals. Like any good relationship, ensuring that both parties understand what the goals are and agreeing on how to get there together, is what helps to set a solid foundation for a committed relationship. This is how I define a component of what success looks like.

Like modern dating, after the first date, some internet opo research is often required - both of competitors in your market segment, but also from a design research standpoint. Depending on the project, most often I will ask you to start a Pinterest board where you can share inspiration with us and I can collaborate with you. This enables me to establish the same design vocabulary so we know exactly what you mean when you tell me during a review, “It needs more pop!” and you understand what we mean when we walk you through design choices.


  • Meeting to discuss your company and your project

  • Review current, mid-term and long-term goals

  • Start establishing the same design language with tools such as Pinterest

  • Set a time when your proposal will be in hand and to review next steps

Second Date - The Proposal

While I do like to move quick to accomplish our goals, this isn’t that type of proposal. This is the proposal where I present our solutions to your design needs and what that investment looks like. Your budget and goals will determine the format of this presentation - I always want to work with you to maximize your investment in great design and ensure that you feel good about the ROI. If my proposal looks good to you, you will accept it and I will move forward to the design state of things. If I missed something or seeing it all in writing makes you pause, or reminds you that you need something else or more, please let me know so I have the chance to refine things to best suit your needs.


  • Review proposal with you

  • Make any changes or updates necessary

  • Establish any crucial deadlines and set a milestone timeline for project completion.

Third Date - Little House with a Walk-In Closet and a White Picket Fence

Things have moved along and by our third date we are ready to get down to business. We have shared our goals with one another, exchanged expectations and speak the same design language now. By this time I have started to execute on your project, ensuring that I am meeting deadlines established on the second date. Designs will come in the form of initial concepts that reflect the project we discussed. You will choose one of the concepts to develop into the final product. I will provide you with proofs on the established timeline and will take feedback from you as per our agreed upon timeline of milestones to refine the project to be exactly you hoped and dreamed of.


  • Initial presentation of concepts as outlined in the proposal

  • You choose one concept for development

  • We listen to your feedback and refine the concept

  • Finalization of concept to final art files for you, your printer or your mom.


Including but not limited to:


• Branding + Logo Design 
• Creative Direction
• Content Development & Production
• Illustration and Infographics
• Annual Report Design
• Magazines, Catalogs and Brochures
• Corporate Event Marketing Collateral
• Packaging Design
• Visual Design Mobile/Web
• Copywriting and copyediting
• Photoshoots - Production & Art Direction



• Health + Wellness
• Food + Beverage
• Retail Branding
• Publishing
• Real Estate
• Outdoor / Action Sport